Saturday, January 7, 2012

Confirming those 2 pink lines

So once getting those 2 pink lines I called the RE(Reproductive Endocronologist) immediately to make sure we were indeed pregnant and it was a healthy pregnancy. We confirmed with bloodwork and ultrasound that Tuesday that we were indeed pregnant! After that we went weekly from 4 weeks gestation to 9 weeks gestation and each time the ultrasound and bloodwork were the same showing a happy healthy baby in there!!! We also enlightened our families in on the secret. For Joe's side we Skyped as they live far away and had TJ tell them he had a secret. Then when they asked what he said, "Mommy has a baby in her tummy!". It was overwhelming excitement for everyone. For my parent's who live close we asked them to meet us for lunch and we presented them with this...
They were thrilled as was Bailey. After that we gradually told family and friends. We waited until just before the 2nd trimester started and then made the big announcement as it was at Christmas time and fun!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

"This year we will get 1 of those!!!"

This is what I hear from TJ EVERY single time we see a baby now! It is super cute. Joe and I were talking about how we can officially say we are having a baby this year and TJ caught on resulting in this. So as you can now tell we have been blessed with a healthy pregnancy! It only took 4.5 years of trying, many infertility treatments, a miscarriage, and an adoption for it to happen but happen it did. We were very shocked, thrilled, scared, blessed, and every other emotion in the book when we saw those 2 precious lines show up! This was an au naturale conception and it couldn't have been more surreal the first few weeks. Actually, it still feels surreal much of the time but it IS happening to US!!!!!

Alright after getting this started I realize it could end up being an entire book so I will be breaking it down into separate posts over the next few days.

So let's go back to the beginning. Okay, not THE beginning as no one wants to hear any of that but the "there are 2 lines" beginning...

Halloween weekend we were all over the place with some parties and a fun night out for Joe and I. The only odd thing was that every.single.time I got in the car I threw-up. Very odd as when I wasn't in the car I was perfectly fine. At one point my mom asked Joe what was wrong with me and he responded with she's pregnant. I told him to knock it off since after 4.5 years you just don't tend to believe it could be true and even if it was I was still a week away from being able to take a test. Fast forward to the next weekend. Joe needed to drop his leaf blower off at Sears to be fixed and we needed stuff for dinner. He dropped me at Walmart and him and TJ headed to Sears. When I went to check-out I noticed the $.88 pregnancy tests(yup, $.88!!!). A Facebook friend had posted a status earlier that week asking if anyone had tried these new tests that Walmart carried and for feedback. I remembered this and though what the heck I'm not late but should be anyday now and so I grabbed one just because. I told Joe when he picked me up that I had gotten it but when we got home we got dinner ready and were preoccupied. Later that night I decided to take it. Well, imagine my shock when it came out positive!!! The problem though was the 2nd line wasn't as dark as the control line so we were skeptical because it is an $.88 test that Walmart just came out with! I had shoved the test in Joe's face so no surprising him with the news after that. It was somewhat late and Walgreens was closed for the night so Sunday morning finally rolled around and we went to get the "good" brand name test. Yes, yes, YES every one that I took was positive! We were beyond thrilled and couldn't believe that God was blessing us in this way after so long! With a miscarriage in the past we were anxious to get to the doctor and have it confirmed and monitored. I called first thing Monday morning and got an appointment for Tuesday morning. With that I will save the next bit for the next post.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Based off of my last blog post I must be psychic! That is all!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rough and Tough

WOW this past month has been SUPER rough but we are hanging in there and can see the light again! The good news is that the house is on the market so now we wait for someone to buy it and then we are off to the Big D!!! I see great things in our near future which is nice after having such a horrid month. The bad news about this month is really just plain sucky(it is SO a word!) so if you want to know email me( and I will give you some insight. Basically, I spent the past month in the hospital and was released last Wednesday(yay!!!). Still not feeling 100% but I am well on my way. Hopefully, now we will see only great things from here on out and who knows maybe a special little 2 lines since all the medical issues have been evacuated from my body and told to NEVER come back! :o) Also on the horizon is TJ's 3rd birthday...seriously 3?!?!?!? Where the past 18 months went is beyond me! All I know is that the next 18 months and for that matter the rest of life will surely be EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!! I will always keep the faith!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Yup, we've been busy this summer and I have been absent obviously! The biggest reason lately is that Joe's job has relocated him to Dallas. I have had my ups and downs on this as it is what Joe REALLY wants but we have to leave our precious bug, Bailey here in Houston. :o( I have NO clue how we will actually leave her but we have been playing it up. New room that she can help decorate, a house with a pool and a game room, plenty of new things to do/see in Dallas, and she gets to come with us to house hunt. She seems okay with it now but we will see what actually happens when we make the move. There is no timeframe so Joe can go back and forth(3.5 hours drive) until we sell our house and buy the new one. It is just all going to be a huge adjustment. I do thank God that it is only 3.5 hours away and easy to meet half way with my parent's at least once a month for Bailey to spend the weekend or things like Spring Break with us!!!! Without that I would be lost. TJ and Joe are beyond excited and as I look at houses and things to do I am becoming excited but it is still hard for me. I don't ever want My Bug to miss us and especially since Joe is LITERALLY her FAVORITE person in the world as she will tell ANYONE and EVERYONE that will listen to her. So big and better but also sad and we go!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wish there was more good to report...

Since my last post things have been pretty miserable. I was feeling pretty great the first almost week of the 2nd surgery then BLAH!!! It started with me falling. Our bed is pretty high up so Joe put a step stool on the side so I could use that during recovery. I went to get into bed on Wednesday night and when I lifted 1 leg into bed I was evidently too far over on the stool. It tipped and caused me to tip right into the side table. I screamed, Joe ran, and it sucked! I called the surgeon the next day and they said just keep an eye on everything. Things seemed okay until I had my post-op appointment on Monday. Several of the incisions were infected and so they put me on some pretty strong antibiotics and a special wash to use on the area. They had me come back on Friday morning to check the incisions. The result was being sent straight to the ER. The surgeon did NOT like that my incisions looked worse not better. I went to the new hospital by our home and was taken back immediately(score!!!) but ended up being there for 6 hours. They talked about admitting me but in the end I got to come home...YAY!!!!!!! They found quite a few things that they didn't like but nothing too major. The thing that ticked me off was that they found a cyst on my right ovary. We JUST cleaned out all that stuff 1.5 months ago when they did the first surgery so I am NOT happy with my body already having another cyst. Hopefully, it isn't a big deal and will just go away on its own though. I have a copy of the CT scan from the ER and will be taking it to our infertility doctor to evaluate. So my body is sucking as usual and we are praying it gets better!!!

In other news we have family(my side) from around the country in town at my parent's house this weekend. We went over today(me being sentenced to a chair/couch because I am on strict bedrest) and had a great time! TJ loved swimming with his cousins, aunt, grandpa, and uncles! He wore his new life jacket for the first time and within 10 minutes was swimming by himself and jumping in! I thought it would take him awhile to figure out how to stay upright with the life jacket but oh no! He is way too clever for us and had it ALL figured out. He has NO fear which makes mommy have LOTS of fears! My dad did fried walleye from Minnesota(YUM!!!!!!!!!!!) which made for a great meal! Joe and TJ loved it which is great since Joe doesn't really like ANY seafood. It was just an all around great evening with family! I must add that my cousin told me(1 of the first to know!) that she is pregnant with their second and we couldn't be more excited for them! They will be leaving for Argentina(for 18 mo) next June and wanted to get pregnant and have the baby several months before moving. They had a window of when it could happen and it did! Experiencing infertility makes you long for NO one else to experience it. I am SO SO SO happy that they have had the good fortune to get pregnant both times easily. Their baby boy is precious and another one will just add to their cute little family. Congrats to my cousin and her hubs!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

1 year mark, 30 birthday, 2nd surgery...ALL complete!

So first the FUN stuff! We met TJ at a Memorial Day party in 2010 and our lives haven't been the same since! The baby boy(18 mo at the time) that we met is now an energenic, smart, silly 2.5 yo that keeps us laughing and on our toes. I am not sure how we even lived before him. People always say do you remember life before your newborn and while TJ wasn't a newborn we still can't imagine our lives before him. We went back to Lubbock, TX to the same home we met him in. There was a Memorial Day/Celebration of TJ party in which people came together to celebrate all that will forever be remembered on that day. Not only will we ALWAYS remember those that have served us but we will also ALWAYS remember the first time we met our son! It was a great day and while we were missing a few vital people(my SIL and BIL) they will always be remembered as being there that first day!

A week later we celebrated my 30 birthday(6/4). Again, it is a momentous day because that is the day we officially brought TJ home with us for good! We picked him up that Friday last year and when we went to drop him off that Sunday we met his birth parent's who assured us we could turn right back around and they would sign the paperwork needed for us to have him in our care full time. The feelings of heading to drop him off and the feelings of leaving with him will NEVER leave me! Tears were shed on both rides but for completely different reasons. Tears of sadness because we weren't positive when/if we would see this little man who had stolen our hearts ever again and then tears of joy that we could possibly be headed home with OUR son!!!!! Crazy how a few hours can change your life. Last year we spent my birthday in Lubbock picking TJ up and then going out to dinner with some friends. This year we spent my birthday with my parent's and Bailey. We went to my favorite restaurant, Yard House. We had a great time and it was my parent's first time eating there and they seemed to enjoy it as well. We had 2 onion ring towers, truffle fries(first time and NOT the last as they were AMAZING!!!!), and then our meals. I had a wonderful piece of porcini crusted halibut over parmesan mashed potatoes with a porcini cream sauce and white truffle oil with asparagus and bok choy. It was the first time I tried it and again it will not be the last time! Afterwards we parted ways with my parent's and Bailey. On the way down we noticed that the horse track by our home was having a country concert. It was A Day In Country with quite a few singers. We went home after our late lunch, changed, and headed over there. We got to see several good artists such as Little Big Town and Leann Rimes(good singer, bad human!?!?!) among others. It was such a nice birthday and seriously not a depressing big 3-0 kind of day at all!!!! I couldn't be more blessed! Again though, we were missing some much loved family members!

My 2nd surgery was not scheduled until 6/22 but I got a call a week ago today that it had been moved up to 6/9. WHOA what?!?!? There were several surgeons and since they had to coordinate all their schedules that is why it was so far out so to get that call was a bit shocking. We immediately changed our plans to accomodate. My mom had TJ yesterday and today. Then, after Joe finished with work this afternoon he headed to Dallas with TJ. They are hanging out there tonight with some friends and then they will meet with his mom and step-dad tomorrow. They will be taking TJ for the whole week so I can fully recover from this procedure. Unfortunately, this surgery is not as easy as the last one. I have 5 incisions that are between 1-2 inches long and need more time to recover. I cannot lift anything over 15 lbs for the next 4-6 weeks. When I showed my mom the incisions today I think her jaw almost hit the floor because of how nasty the site looks. I have been feeling pretty good considering but am obviously a bit sore. I am trying to move around as much as possible so I don't get super stiff and I know that they always say the more active you are the faster you will recover. Here's hoping that is true! For now though I will be doing what I need to recover fully so that when my baby comes home I am ready for his energy!!! It is going to be a LONG week without him!

So in closing if you had asked me a year ago where we would be on my 30th birthday I would have NEVER imagined we would be parent's to the beautiful boy we met that Memorial Day but we ARE!!!!! God is good!